Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Chrissy Lampkin From Love & Hip Hop Criminal Past

Here is what Jacky Jasper had to say about Chrissy. All his words not mine. This is all allegedly.

“Chrissy has been hustling since she was 15 years old. She’s now 42, and she’s been using her p**sy to get Gucci and gold.

Chrissy and her crew were involved in different crimes like credit card schemes, shoplifters, mules from NYC to D.C. They were setting up dudes to get robbed. Chrissy has dated dope boys like the infamous drug kingpin Alpo Martinez and his partner Rich Porter also three New York Knick players. She even slept with Jay Z when he was 23 years old.

Chrissy’s last trick/sponsor/boyfriend cheated on her with a popular video hoe. Chrissy decided to rob him for $32,000 then she ran to Miami to shop and have fun on his dime. Then dude and his crew tracked Chrissy down. The Nicca knocked out her front teeth and in return Chrissy had her peeps send him a message that if he does not pay for her dental bill and buy her breast implants he’s going to get hit with the Rico Act. Dude paid all Chrissy’s bills and that was the end of her and street dudes.

Chrissy took her skills to reality television hoping her broke rapper boyfriend will help her to continue to live a easy lifestyle.”

Thursday, December 22, 2011

LeAnn Rimes Has Been Stalking, Imitating, & Promoting People To Harass Brandi Glanville

LeAnn homewrecker Rimes is a true nut case. Besides stealing other women husbands she found a new hobby. Stalking & harassing the the woman of which she stole the husband from . LeAnn is obsessed with Brandi Glanville (ex wife of Eddie Cibrian) and has recruited her staff, friends, and stans to tweet malicous things about Brandi and her children (who she claims to love). The sad thing is Brandi children are physically around these people. Who are spewing this hate towards their mother. Here are just a couple of the tweets below. All of the photos belong to Lynn Chicago.

LeAnn has also been imitating Brandi's style. First there was the extreme weight loss, the reported breast enhancements, and then came the bikini shot in which LeAnn struck the same pose as Eddie's ex wife. For more on this story visit Lynn Chicago's blog.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Meet Kendra Davis The Lady That Kim Zolciak Rents Her New Mansion From

Kim Zolciak moved into her new dream mansion on last night's episode. The mansion is beautiful but the house & most of the furniture in it does not belong to Kim Zolciak or Kroy Berimann. The couple is renting the mansion from Kendra and Antonio Davis. 

Kim and Kroy put an cheap offer on the house before moving in but it was rejected by Antonio and Kendra Davis. I guess Kim thought she could scam Kendra out of a house like she did her wig stylist. Kendra and Antonio was not having it. Shoutout to Nene Leakes & Richgirllowlife for outing Kim. 

Kendra Davis is a interior designer with a celebrity clientelle. Kendra's husband Antonio Davis is a retired NBA player. Antonio now owns a real estate & property investment agency. Above is a photo of Kendra and her husband Antonio.

Kendra and Antonio's mansion below. See more photos of the mansion here.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Photos Of Marlo Hampton's Home

Marlo Hampton showed off her home at a RHOA viewing party 12/07/2011. Fabulous decor. 

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Kim Zolciak Never Paid Her Wig Stylist Ayana Brown Made False Promises

According to a source close to Kim Zolciak's wig stylist (Ayana Brown). Kim stiffed Ayana Brown out of cash & publicity. Ayana has been allegedly supplying Kim with free custom wigs. In return, Kim promised Ayana a guest appearance on "The Real Houswives Of Atlanta" for exposure but that never occured. Instead shadie Kim credited Derek J for creating her custom looks. Leaving Ayana penniless and unacknowledged. All of the wigs above were created by Ayana Brown.

The source also said Kim Zolciak's so called wig collection is shenanigans. Here is Ayana Brown's facebook page.

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Photos Of Vicki Gunvalson's Home

Vicki Gunvalson is selling her home the old-fashioned way - no bank involved lol.  Her Coto de Caza real estate was listed nearly half a year ago and has been chopped in price by $100,000. Gunvalson’s home is now listed for $2,395,000. Vicki wishes to get rid of them home because its maintence alone cost $300,000 per year.

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