Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bethenny Frankel Talk Show Ratings Plummeting

Bethenny Frankel talk show ratings is falling. TvMedianSights is reporting the following.

“Bethenny” in daytime opened with a 0.9 rating/3 share also based on 53 markets, which was equal to both the lead-in and year-ago time period averages – this is NOT GREAT.
These are the same sort of numbers Ricki Lake (0.8/0.4) and Jeff Probst (1.9/07) got when they debued last season – and we know what happened with both of these shows)
“The Test,” however, is in TROUBLE! It got a 0.7/ 2 in the household overnights (based on 49 markets), which was down by 32 percent from the lead-in average (0.9/ 3) and 12 percent from the Sept.

Melissa Gorga Exposed Wanted To Be Casted On RHONJ To Take Teresa Giudice Down

Danielle Staub revealed on WWHL, Melissa Gorga desperatley wanted to film with her on RHONJ. Danielle refused to film with Melissa. Danielle instead forwarded all Melissa Gorga emails to Bravo producers, which later got her casted. Melissa wanted to join the show "to take Teresa down".

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Caroline Manzo Marriage Is In Trouble Bravo Hid Caroline Issues But Continue To Exploit Teresa Giudice

Caroline Manzo and Bravo concealed her marriage problems this season on the "Real Housewives Of New Jersey" but neither mind exploiting Teresa Giudice. Teresa Giudice has been used as a punching bag for the past three seasons on "The Real Housewives Of New Jersey". While her other castmates private matters were ignored on the show (Albert Manzo cheating- Laurita's foreclosure).

Teresa Giudice revealed on her blog. During their Arizona vacation Caroline and Albert Manzo argued the entire trip. Sure, Bravo TV had footage but elected not to air it.

Penny Drossos-Karagiorgis stated in her blog, Caroline Manzo was told on camera Albert Manzo is sleeping with another woman (Albert Manzo's mistress is rumored to be a woman named Jill). Bravo elected not to air that either. The finale will be heavily edit.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ryan Culberson Is A Typical Abuser He's Now Blaming The Victim & Bravo TV

Ryan Culberson has released a statement in response to the incident that happened on "The Real Housewives  Of Orange County", Monday night. The incident occurred after Ryan went ballistic on Judy Stirling, for resting her feet on Vicki Gunvalson's couch. Ryan verbally assaulted Judy and threatened to "throw her ass out".  

Like most abusers he is now "victim blaming" instead of taking responsibility for his actions. Read his lie statement below.
“There was so much more … that led up to that incident which they fail to include to make me look like the crazy Marine,” “It definitely was a crazy night and I cannot get over how the producers edited it.”

  • Editing did not make Ryan repeatedly curse. 
  • Editing did not make Ryan raise his elbow to Vicki's brother Billy. 
  • Editing did not make Ryan lie and say he owns Vicki's house.
  • Editing did not make Ryan threaten to physically touch Judy.
  • Editing did not make Ryan scream at Lydia, Billy, Vicki, Judy, and his wife.
Viewers noticed Ryan's controlling behavior before this incident took place. His tone with Vicki has always been disrespectful. 

Ryan Culberson Ex Girlfriend Filed Charges Aganist Him For Domestic Violence

Ryan Culberson's ex girlfriend, Rachel Lawrence, filed charges aganist him for domestic violence. The charges were filed August 8, 2010. found court records revealing Rachel also filed a restraining order aganist Ryan. Wonder if he'll blame this on editing!?

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Many Lies Surrounding Teresa Giudice Fraud Case Don't Believe Everything You Read

Many blogs and entertainment websites are reporting false information and making things up, regarding Teresa and Joe Giudice's fraud case.

This is a FEDERAL case! It is highly unlikely information will be leaked to random blogs or entertainment websites. The FEDERAL prosecutor could be disbarred if he or she were to leak information, pertaining to a government case. Don't believe any of the information you read on housewives or entertainment blogs.

 Radar online is already making up stories about a plea deal here. Teresa and Joe Giudice's lawyer told Fox News "no such discussions have taken place."

No one knows what's going on but Teresa Giudice, Joe Giudice, Giudice's attorney, and the federal prosecutor. Teresa Giudice took to her twitter today to debunk one lie. Read her tweets below.

Ryan Culberson Goes Ike Turner-Batshit Crazy On Lydia McLaughin's Mother

I regret missing "The Real Housewives Of Orange County" finale preview. I couldn't have anticipated the drama that took place. I assumed the season finale would be center on Gretchen and Slade. Boy, was I wrong!

Ryan Culberson, Briana Wolfsmith's husband stole the show. Ryan Culberson took issue with Lydia McLaughlin’s mother Judy putting her feet on Vicki Gunvalson's couch. Ryan told Judy to remove her feet from the couch. Judy did not immediately comply. Ryan then unleash a verbal assault on the senior citizen “Get the f**k out!”, "She's a bitch!", "STFU!", "Don't hug her!", "Bitch I live here!", "I'll throw her ass out of here!", "Don't fucking apologize for her!", "You do have to leave fuck off!". Judy tried to explain she just wanted to rest her feet. Ryan then lied and said Judy curse at him first. Thank God Vicki's brother Billy (aka Uncle Billy Bada$$) intervened and saved lives.

 Ryan then proceeded upstairs screaming and cursing at Vicki and Briana. Verbally assaulting one woman wasn't good enough, three's a charm.

The entire time Briana (exhibiting battered woman syndrome) stood by her husband condoning his behavior. Yes, the same Briana that judges her mother on everything.

Note to Briana: Stop worrying about Brooks Ayers when you are married to a psychopath.


Monday, May 20, 2013

Lauri Peterson Grandchild Is In Fostercare With Heorin Withdrawls

Lauri Peterson returned to the "Real Housewives Of Orange County" tonight and she came off desperate. I'm not sure why Bravo decided to bring Lauri back (Why not just let old sleeping dogs lie?) but something she said about her son raised my brow. Lauri said "Josh is doing great he's married and expecting a baby".

That maybe true but according to "OC Confidential" Josh and his wife are heroin addicts. When Josh wife gave birth to their daughter. The little girl reportedly went into heroin withdrawals and was taken into state custody. The child as of March 2013 was still in state custody. Lauri Peterson or no other family members came to the aid of the child, as of March 2013. I'm not sure of the child current status.

Absurd has also publish an article about this story.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Nene Leakes's Sisters Trash Her On Facebook!

Nene Leakes pretend like everything was great between she and her sisters, on the "Real Housewives Of Atlanta" reunion last night. Turns out it was all a lie. Nene Leakes's sisters took to their facebook to give a rebuttal. Read below.

Kendle Kenya Sparks Davis
8 hours ago via mobile
Its funny how you and your sister have the same MOTHER and she's on tv calling you her half sister!!!! Now that's Dirty!! @neneleakes
11 people like this.

Agather Hepburn Lol really dirty sister!!!!
8 hours ago · 1

Claudine Colthirst SMH! I remember ur mom and mine (plain as it was yesterday) telling us about all ur siblings and about kamy and I. They said and I quote. You all came from the same place ME. Your sister's no damn half-sisters. I kinda cleaned it up cause u know our moms mouth. But that basically it.
7 hours ago via mobile · 1

Val Carter Oh and dont forget the quote U THINK THEY DONT WANNA BE IN MY LIFE...... WOW.
7 hours ago via mobile · 1

Shawna A Isaacs Hmmmmm smh
7 hours ago via mobile

Kendle Kenya Sparks Davis And now everybody wants a interview !!! They want to know why we haven't talk in 8 years. I know she don't want the truth to come out SMH!!!
7 hours ago via mobile · 3

Val Carter sad, what goes up must come down. U know she gonna say yall just want her money and wanna bevon HER SHOW SMDH. Thank God u successful n your own right
7 hours ago via mobile · 2

Tisha Sterling Blades Girl!!! I saw that! Hmmm!!!
6 hours ago via mobile · 1

Tisha Sterling Blades And yes...I did hear the 8 years thing! SMH
6 hours ago via mobile · 1

Nykea Prettyface Tanner I saw that smh....
6 hours ago via mobile · 1

6 hours ago · 1

Tweet Bradley When she said that last night I thought of you! Then when they was talking bout calling them I was like hope they don't call that one cuz she going to b raw n uncut, then again I wanted them to call!! Yes ( you think they don't want a relationship w me now) really
6 hours ago via mobile · 1

Tweet Bradley They on how many sessions and NeNe u mad at that girl cuz ur truth ( pass) almost came out
6 hours ago via mobile · 1

Simmy Aldrick Wow!
5 hours ago via mobile · 1

Kendle Kenya Sparks Davis Some of y'all know me for ever and know my family well do you no I'm not lying all of this shit hurts my dad.
2 hours ago via mobile · 1

Tweet Bradley Well she said it best ( you never can win,when you fight dirty) she will b exposed real soon and everyone will know the real NeNe
about an hour ago via mobile

Dorothia DeeBaby Hines wow
about an hour ago via mobile

Dorothia DeeBaby Hines wow thats bogus if i was u kenya ill do the interview
about an hour ago via mobile

Tweet Bradley Hunny Kendle Kenya Sparks Davis will walk away with a pocket full of money, a burden lift and no shame cuz she going to keep it raw and uncut ( REAL) Then she might want a relationship with Kendle Kenya Sparks Davis lmao!! That's why she was so mad she don't want the real real to come out
about an hour ago via mobile · 1

Dorothia DeeBaby Hines smh wow thats crazy
about an hour ago via mobile

Simmy Aldrick Amazing how ppl change ;(
The 3 of you sisters look just alike....a carbon copy of Mrs Harriet...There's nothing half way about sad
about an hour ago via mobile · 1
Nene tried to make it seem as if Phaedra Parks coerced her sisters. I beg to differ. Nene's sisters seem to have a problem with her but instead of acknowledging it, she made Phaedra Parks the scapegoat.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Kim Zolciak Lied About Building A New Home! Mansion Purchased From A Foreclosure Auction

 Kim Zolciak, has been telling everyone she's building a mansion from the ground up. Just another lie. Kim and Kroy purchased their mansion from a foreclosure auction for $880,000. The same thing Kim Zolciak criticized Kandi Burruss for.  
According to TV Fishbowl, Kim's "mansion" was originally listed for $3.7 M when the developers went bankrupt and reduced the house by over $1M. It still didn't sell. The bank then reduced the home to $999,900 accepting best offers.  Kim and Kroy purchased the home for $880,000.