Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ryan Culberson Is A Typical Abuser He's Now Blaming The Victim & Bravo TV

Ryan Culberson has released a statement in response to the incident that happened on "The Real Housewives  Of Orange County", Monday night. The incident occurred after Ryan went ballistic on Judy Stirling, for resting her feet on Vicki Gunvalson's couch. Ryan verbally assaulted Judy and threatened to "throw her ass out".  

Like most abusers he is now "victim blaming" instead of taking responsibility for his actions. Read his lie statement below.
“There was so much more … that led up to that incident which they fail to include to make me look like the crazy Marine,” “It definitely was a crazy night and I cannot get over how the producers edited it.”

  • Editing did not make Ryan repeatedly curse. 
  • Editing did not make Ryan raise his elbow to Vicki's brother Billy. 
  • Editing did not make Ryan lie and say he owns Vicki's house.
  • Editing did not make Ryan threaten to physically touch Judy.
  • Editing did not make Ryan scream at Lydia, Billy, Vicki, Judy, and his wife.
Viewers noticed Ryan's controlling behavior before this incident took place. His tone with Vicki has always been disrespectful. 


Mom2be said...

This is the exact response I would have expected from a donkey. Rather than own up and apologize , he instead chooses the path any abuser would.

prius3000 said...

Ryan you have been exposed!!!! No one believes anything you say. Lying control freak.

Anonymous said...

Why did his first wife divorce him?

Anonymous said...

Yeah he was way overreacting over this. Breana has got lots of trouble coming down the road.

Anonymous said...

Ryan, you are also a free loading golddigger. Everyone knows how you (stalked) persued Briana online. We believe you saw her on RHOOC, then tracked her down online, wooed her until ya hooked her, then married her a week after you met het in person so that you could trap her before she had a chance to find out what a piece of dung you really are! And Briana was so needy and desperate for love and a baby that she took you for husband. But you got careless and let old true blue shine through! You are a waste of space and a loser too. Keep showing the world what a coat tail riding POS you really are. You are psycho, Charlie Manson-style crazy!

Anonymous said...

He's mean. I was embarrased for him

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