Monday, May 20, 2013

Lauri Peterson Grandchild Is In Fostercare With Heorin Withdrawls

Lauri Peterson returned to the "Real Housewives Of Orange County" tonight and she came off desperate. I'm not sure why Bravo decided to bring Lauri back (Why not just let old sleeping dogs lie?) but something she said about her son raised my brow. Lauri said "Josh is doing great he's married and expecting a baby".

That maybe true but according to "OC Confidential" Josh and his wife are heroin addicts. When Josh wife gave birth to their daughter. The little girl reportedly went into heroin withdrawals and was taken into state custody. The child as of March 2013 was still in state custody. Lauri Peterson or no other family members came to the aid of the child, as of March 2013. I'm not sure of the child current status.

Absurd has also publish an article about this story.