Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bethenny Ever After Season 3 Viewer Ratings Is Way Down

The season 3 premiere of Bethenny Ever After only brought in 971,000 viewers. Real Housewives of Orange County brought in 2.3 million. Rumor has it Bethenny faked being lost at sea for her show may have hurt her ratings. See ratings here. Bethenny plans on retiring her show after season 3. Maybe that isn't such a bad idea to save face.

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

"Straight From The A" Michelle Atlien Brown Is A Real Life Stalker!

Michelle Atlien Brown owner of "Straight from The A" has taken stalking to a new level. I woke up today only to discover Michelle Atlien Brown had stole my twitter name (housewivesdaily), purchased a domain using my blog name libertylondongurl .com, and left death threats in the comments section of my blog. Along with tons of racist comments I shall not repeat.

Michelle is upset about a article (see it here)  one of my readers sent exposing her. The blogger was also upset about a story I posted about Sheree Whitfield. She accuse me of stealing it. I had never visit or heard of her blog prior to her false accusation. The story was emailed to me by a twitter follower @1908trose weeks before I post it.

 Here is the account Michelle created on twitter dedicated to me. She followed all of my followers, stole my twitter name, and has all of my twitpic in her account. This girl is crazy! If something happens to me lol you guys know who did it.

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Taylor Armstrong Pretending To Be A Fan Accidentally Tweets Herself

Taylor Armstrong tweeted herself yesterday pretending she was a fan inspired by her book. "She is such an inspiration to me and other women! Thank you so much!! xo” (tweet below).
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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Phaedra Parks Leaving The Atlanta Housewives For Love And Hip Hop Atlanta ?!

Phaedra Parks allegedly is leaving The Atlanta Housewives for another reality show "Love And Hip Hop Atlanta". Sources say Fuaxdra may actually be considering jumping ship from Real Housewives of Atlanta to a position working along side Mona Scott. 

This would be a downgrade. Love and Hip Hop mostly consists of baby mamas that have never been married, washed up rappers, and lots of physical violence (mostly weave pulling). I'm sure Fuaxdra will fit in with her ex con husband and boughetto ways.

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Which Bravo Housewife Fired The Help For Allegedly Stealing?

Which Bravo Housewife fired their long time assistant because random things went missing? The housewife had fraudulent charges on her bank account. Police found the culprit but the housewife suspected her assistant was somehow involved. The housewife began calling the assistant lazy. The last straw was when the assistant got a life and lover. She brought her lover over to the housewife's house that's a no no.

The ex assistant knows all of the housewife's deepest secrets. Which is why the housewife has been as quiet as a church mouse.

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Cedric Martinez Says Taylor Armstrong Used To Hit Russell

Shana Ford Taylor Armstrong is set to release her new tell-all book, "Hiding From Reality", on Tuesday, and she's already feeling a lot of heat. Russell's family isn't too happy about the things that she says in her book and Russell's sister, Laurie, is planning to sue. Star magazine is reporting that Russell Armstrong's family is consulting two LA based attorneys and plan to file a lawsuit in the next few weeks. A lot of people feel as though Taylor should not have come out with this book, at least not four months after Russell's suicide. Star magazine is also claiming Russell's family has a book deal in the works.

Cedric Martinez also spoke out about Taylor's book describing the couple as 

“both lying fame whores who got in way over their heads and frequently got physical with each other. Taylor would hit him too. Her insta-memoir will further bury Russell's memory with lies and half-truths, of which he can't defend himself against. Sad. Especially for Russell's children, Kennedy, Griffin and Aiden.” 
I'm glad Cedric confirm what I already heard. Taylor hit Russell too. There were rumors of them both slapping each other at a party some years ago. 

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Corey Simms Of Teen Mom 2 Buys A House

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Corey Simms Of Teen Mom 2 Buys A House

Finally, after all of the drama surrounding Corey Simms staying in the trailer on his parents’ property this season onTeen Mom 2. Corey announced that he purchased a new home. The new home has four bedrooms two baths. See Corey's tweets below.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Is Cedric Martinez And Adrienne Maloof's Chef Bernie Guzman Lovers Or Friends?

There is rumors circulating that Cedric Martinez and Bernie Guzman (Adrienne Maloof's chef) may have had an intimate relationship. The two were allegedly spotted at Coupa Cafe in Beverly Hills over a month ago. There were also another Cedric and Bernie sighting at the Beverly Gardens Park but not together arriving separately. Are the two friends or something other? If the rumors is true. This would explain Bernie's sudden distaste for Lisa Vanderpump post Cedric's departure. Lisa said she barely knew or spoke to Bernie Guzman and was surprised by his feelings about her.

Is Bernie Adrienne's henchman or Cedric Martinez's? Maybe a little of both.