Saturday, February 18, 2012

"Straight From The A" Michelle Atlien Brown Is A Real Life Stalker!

Michelle Atlien Brown owner of "Straight from The A" has taken stalking to a new level. I woke up today only to discover Michelle Atlien Brown had stole my twitter name (housewivesdaily), purchased a domain using my blog name libertylondongurl .com, and left death threats in the comments section of my blog. Along with tons of racist comments I shall not repeat.

Michelle is upset about a article (see it here)  one of my readers sent exposing her. The blogger was also upset about a story I posted about Sheree Whitfield. She accuse me of stealing it. I had never visit or heard of her blog prior to her false accusation. The story was emailed to me by a twitter follower @1908trose weeks before I post it.

 Here is the account Michelle created on twitter dedicated to me. She followed all of my followers, stole my twitter name, and has all of my twitpic in her account. This girl is crazy! If something happens to me lol you guys know who did it.

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