Monday, January 30, 2012

"Straight From The A" Blogger Michelle Atlien Brown Had Gastric Band Surgery

Blogger Michelle Atlien Brown, who is bff and represented by (wanna-be celebrity) attorney Phaedra Parks is trying to join the Real Housewives of Atlanta. She and Fauxdra allegedly has attempted twice to get her cast on the show but failed terribly. Mainly, because her appearance wasn't up to par. So she allegedly underwent Gastric Band Surgery in hopes of wooing Bravo producers, the next go around. Michelle misleads readers about her weight loss and desire to become a  housewife.

Michelle is a celebrity blogger (site info) but there are very few A list celebrities in Atlanta. So in reality she's a Hip Hop & D list celebrity blogger. She rub elbows with the local D list celebrities & reality personalities. I think; I've actually seen more A list celebrity in my neighborhood walking on the beach then this so called celebrity blogger.

Michelle has alledely slept around with a lot of random thugs and wanna-be rappers. She is allegedly a "Sugar Mama" known for taking care of men she dates. This would explain why Michelle is so invidious and tormented by Marlo Hampton. Marlo actually allow men to take care of her, not vice versa. Michelle is rumored to be currently paying dating Bob (dead beat father) Whitfield. She's pushing 40 years old and has never been married. She's allegedly moved cross-eyed Bob in with her. In hopes she will (A.) Get some kind of unofficial storyline playing Bob fiance or (B. )Bravo will make her an official wife.

 Lets see if she'll make the Bravo cut now that she got her weave fixed, had plastic surgery, and found a phony fiance. The following above is all rumors and gossip. I don't need that cow trying to sue me. This is a post from a reader who wishes to remain anonymous. Michelle is also a stalker read more.

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