Sunday, March 18, 2012

Is Adrienne Maloof And Kyle Richards Smearing Lisa Vanderpump In The Press?

Is Lisa Vanderpump's friend-enemies smiling in her face and smearing her behind her back? While I was enjoying my silver needle tea and reading tweets. The following headline appeared " Lisa Vanderpump Demanding Fellow Housewives Loyalty". I thought to myself, this has Kyle Richard's & Adrienne Maloof's names written all over it. Adrienne nor Kyle really likes Lisa. The friendships are fake and mostly kept intact for underhand reasons (social, financial, and keeping tabs).

Adrienne and Kyle receive backlash from fans. After they attacked Lisa during the reunion show. The gang up orchestrated by Adrienne Maloof, who was dam near frothing at the mouth. Backfired.  The two worried about their image. Swept it under the rug tweeting they were "moving forward". Neither one apologized to Lisa.

I believe the two maybe planting stories. The best way to deflect attention from themselves would be to defame Lisa. Whether direct or indirect one of the two was involved or maybe both. These are the same women who had a meeting before attacking Lisa on the reunion show.

  • Kyle
  • Adrienne
  • Shady Shana
  • Cedric
  • Bernie
  • Giggy Mistress

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Star said...

I thought it had Adrienne name on it but after reading this. Maybe it was Kyle.

RealitySinkin said...

That article was a lie. Radar is full of ....

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Adrain is jealous of Lisa style and personality.

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