Friday, March 9, 2012

Kandi Burruss Warns Kim Zolciak To Keep Her Daughter Name Out Of Her Mouth

Kandi took to her Bravo blog, to warn Kim Zolciak that bring up her child name will get her arse whipped. Here is what Kandi wrote.
“I was not feeling the scene where Kim was talking to her landlord/interior designer about her keeping Riley when A.J passed. I mean my daughter has spent the night at her house plenty times. Was there any reason she had to go on about that occasion?” I was thinking BITCH don't go there.

“Seriously, don’t even bring my daughter’s name up when you’re trying to make a point about a negative subject. I will let your ass have it in the worst way. Y’all haven’t seen that side of me, and hopefully you never will, but putting my daughter’s name out there will definitely bring it out!” 
I agree with Kandi. Leave the children out of the drama. There was no need for Kim to recall the favors she did for a friend. There are underlying issues between Kandi and Kim. Kim is just using the Africa hearsay to lash out at Kandi.

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Bravo Tina said...

YES!!! Harper is back. I feel the same way Kim is upset with Kandi about something else. She said Kandi didn't contact her while she was pregnant.

Talking Teen Mom said...

Kim turn a mole into a mountain. Ever since this slut married Kroy she's been taking herself way to serious.

Sheree is a lying broke trouble maker. Now I see what Nene was saying.

Dash Doll said...

Kandi should got loud with Sheree like she did with Nene. I would have bitch slap Sheree.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Kandi let her daughter stay over at Kimm's house...poor judgement!

RealitySinkin said...

Kim needs to sit her boring ass down. She stole money from Kandi. Kandi should have stop messing with WIG a long time ago.

Kandi Fan said...

I can't stand Kim. That trashbox slept with a married man for 10+ years. Karma is a bitch. Watch someone sleep with her husband.

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