Thursday, March 8, 2012

Khloe Kardashian's BFF Malika Haqq Was Dating Married Cheater Adrian Wilson

I finally watched "Lamar & Khloe".  I was surprised to learn Khloe Kardashian's sidekick Malika Haqq was a homewrecker dating a married man with three children. On the show it seem to have been no secret that Malika and NFLer Adrian Wilson were an item, or that he wasn’t divorced from his wife. Adrain made several appearances on camera as Malika’s date and livin boyfriend. Khloe grilled him on his marriage and kids. Adrain told Khloe his marriage was "over" .

After the episode hit the air for all viewers to see, including his wife, Adrian changed his tune.  Adrian  began tweeting that he and Malika relationship was fake!

@Mrs_Wilson24 is the only women in my life period. Everybody else can eat shit.”
@Mrs_Wilson24 and I are together like white on rice…. Your fooling yourself. Get a life and stay outta mine.”

Adrian's pitiful wife Alicia Wilson also chimed in defending her cheating husband. “Here we go with the bs that is old."

I'm sure that wasn't the first time Adrian Wilson cheated on his wife and won't be the last.  According to Khloe there will be BIG drama from Adrian Wilson in a upcoming episode. We haven't seen or heard the last of Mr. Slyther.

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Barbara said...

What a pig! Malika should be a shame also.

Anonymous said...

Malika has a history of dating married men. He is not the first according to some blogs.

Hale said...

Khloe tried to warn her something like that would happen. Ladies never get involved until the papers are signed. Saying you getting a divorce doesn't mean SHIT!

Anonymous said...

I missed this episode. I'm going to watch NOW.

rhonj fan said...

WTH? Adrain is scum. Malika is trifling. The wife is stupid. I would have sent him packing.

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