Friday, March 9, 2012

Spanx Inventor Is The Youngest Self Made Billionare Just Added To List Of 2012 Billionaires

Spanx inventor Sara Blakely is a billionaire at 41 years old! The Spanz inventor was just added to Forbes 2012 list of billionares. Sara is the youngest woman ever to make the list as a self-made billionaire, meaning she didn't inherit or marry into the money.
She's one of several billionaires who appear on the cover of the latest Forbes issue.

According to Forbes, Blakely was 29 when she was looking for something flattering to wear under her white slacks. She ended up inventing a new line of shaping underwear. She invested $5,000 her entire life savings  to start the company.

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Amazing. Jill Zarin is next.

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