Saturday, May 12, 2012

Newcomer Kenya Moore Already Causing Trouble On RHOA Thirsty For Camera Time

According to Talking with Tami , newcomer Kenya Moore behave as if she was auditioning for Bad Girls Club instead Real Housewives of Atlanta. She was rumored to have gotten aggressive with Cynthia Bailey's employees and students. A source told Talking With Tami:  

"Kenya Moore was being very rude and aggressive to young aspiring models who were auditioning for Jet Magazine “Beauty of the Week” at the Bailey Agency."
Speaking of Kenya Moore there are nasty rumors floating around about her. Kenya Moore allegedly is a lesbian, has two sex tapes, and allegedly hangout with a Hollywood prostitution ring. One of the ladies from that ring was allegedly sleeping with rapper Jay Z and mysteriously turned up dead. Bravo sure know how to pick 'em.


kreim said...

You gotta be kidding. Is this the best Bravo can do. First Marlo and now Kenya. OMG

Candi said...

WTH! So kenya ran with Cathy White and Claudia? This girl maybe worse tham Marlo.

Anonymous said...

I got bad vibe about this girl. Way before hearing this. She isn't from Atlanta.

Gina said...

I remember hearing about the Jay Z mistress drama! I didn't know Kenya rolled with those escorts!

Anonymous said...

She most likely escorted, it happens alot more than you think (heck Kim Kolciak was a UTR escort/mistress and if you don't believe me ask the rich realestate developer her and the girls staid with last season). Many models and actresses and fitness models escort but UTR (under the radar). Ask yourself why did Cynthia go to New York to get "business advice" from Russell. She wasn't there for that, she was seeing a few clients (remember she needs money).

In Fast Eddie's memory, and without dropping any names ( Sorry ), I will explain it as it was explained to me by no less than three people in the know. The first is a long time friend who got me invited to my first Beverly Hills UTR Party. The second is an agency owner with whom I stay in touch and the third is a lady friend who'd done a lot of modeling and some acting, while doing a little UTR escorting on the side.

Unless you are an "A List" actress or have a steady endorsement contract, you are NOT making the big money. LaLa Land is an expensive place to live. California taxes are high. Divorce is the state sport.
What's a gal to do ? The market for trophy wives is limited. Well if she wants to keep driving her Mercedes, keep her house in Malibu, Bel Air or Brentwood and get to shop on Rodeo Drive and/or keep her kids in private school, she needs income. Many are land rich and cash poor.

As I've posted before, the highest rate I know of for a fact IN THIS COUNTRY is the $ 25k an hour two former PMOY got. They got MORE in Hong Kong and Dubai. I've heard about $ 100 k for two former Miss Universe title holders and one former Miss USA but again that was paid for work OUTSIDE the U.S.
I know for a fact that NONE of them could get anything more than a booking or two at that rate in this country.

There was a time when all sorts of numbers were flying around. $ 100 k ,$ 200 k even $ 250k an hour. That was several years ago ; Pre- Lehman Brothers ;Pre- Spitzer and Pre - Tiger. Is it possible that there is still six figure jet set action ? Yes, but not as much and it's being done with a LOT more caution and care than previously.

As I posted earlier today, I was advised of the availability of several well known models and actresses. Not so much for my benefit but because A. I was trusted with the info with the understanding B. that I would make very discreet inquiry with some whales aka high rollers that I knew to see if they would be interested. The ballpark numbers ranged from $ 5 to $10,000 an hour. A couple gals were 25k for a 3hr. minimum. Those are current numbers and a number of us knowledgable about these things are probably all struck by how relatively low they are. That's right. First it was the porn gals who were forced to lower their prices. Then it was the Playmates and now even the straight actresses and models are getting less than they used to. One very simple reason : Supply and Demand, Supply and Demand.

Here's the real shocker. A few are MARRIED ! I was first exposed to this phenomenon in Miami where a LOT of the higher end ladies are married. It's no different in LaLaLand. Just not as common.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous you are right

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised at at all remember Bravo gave us Marlo

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