Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Summer's Eve Pull Its Ads From VH1's Basketball Wives & EVE And OCHO!

Summer's Eve will not tolerate bullying. The company has remove its ads from VH1's "Basketball Wives" and upcoming "Eve and OCHO". Due to physical violence and bullying tactics of the shows standout members, Evelyn Lozada and Tami Roman.

 After four seasons of constant bullying, lawsuits, and physical violence,  a college student, Alexis M., started an online petition Alexis ask VH1’s producers to not reward Evelyn Lozada with a reality show spinoff for her violent behavior on “Basketball Wives". Alexis took it upon herself to contact Vh1's advertisers like Summer's Eve, Progressive Insurance, General Motors, and Burger King. 

Kudos to Summer's Eve for caring. Basketball Wives, Bad Girls Club, and Love and Hip Hop violent behavior encourages bullying in teen girls who wish to mimic their favorite reality star. Young girls are lured in by reality stars’ glamorous, and privileged lifestyles. 

Basketball Wives, Bad Girls Club, and Love and Hip Hop have NO boundaries. #bbwboycott

Update: Burger King Pulls Its Ads From Basketball Wives & Ev And OCHO. The petition organizer wrote:
Burger King CEO said they removed their ads from Basketball Wives two weeks ago. He promised Burger King would not advertise during "Basketball Wives" or "EV & OCHO" in the future. He said they received hundreds of letters from you.
Burger King Holdings, Inc. (Ads Pulled) 
5505 Blue Lagoon Drive 
Miami, FL 33126 
(305) 378–3000 use the name directory CEO Steve Wiborg

Stay tuned more advertisers will be announced.
People who said the petition wouldn't change anything are eatting their words big time. Some of these other reality shows better pay attention.


Sammi said...

I emailed Pepsi and Buger King. VH1 will never take this filth off the air so we must make them uncomfortable as possible.

I plan to go down that list this weekend and write a letter to each one of those advertisers.

Sonya said...

WOW! The petition says another advertiser will pull their ads next week. I don't watch but I have never heard one positive thing about this show. This reality generation is creating bullies.

Sonya said...

Shaunie Oneal sit and watch, never once heard her speak out to Tammie or Evelyn. Shaunie love to "cry wolf" in the media but she is the wolf. She quietly sits back and enjoy every second of the drama. Evelyn and Tami is STUPID their reputations will forever be tarnished long after Basketball Wives. Shaunie will walk away paid off of you two dummies and unscathed.

Anonymous said...

You are so right about these two not only are they stupid but people really dont like them because of their raggedy personalities.

sam said...

I just watched tonites show and I was sick. I am angry that as mothers all three ladies (Ev, Shauna and Tammie) and watched another person be bullied. This is sick!

As though we have not witnessed the results of bulling and how this damage a person. I am not even a mother and I was angry. PISSED!

Is This Thing On ? said...

I'm penning a petition to "End Ridiculous Petitions" !! This "bullying phenomenon" is getting out of hand. Adults who are allegedly bullied on realityTV CHOOSE to be "bullied." They signed up for it. It's like wrestling, helloooooo -- scripted, they get PAID in advance. I just dont understand the contempt for entertainment w/ which you don't agree. Here's a resolve -->> turn the channel.

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