Monday, February 24, 2014

Nene Leakes Arrest Record (For Theft) Sealed Pot Calling The Kettle Black

Nene Leakes, got into a dispute with former friend Marlo Hampton on last night’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” ruining Cynthia's day of sporting activities. We all know by now Nana can't keep a friend. You literally have to be a robot to get along with her. The feud started because Marlo Hampton befriend Kenya Moore

Nene Leakes threw a water bottle in Marlo Hampton’s direction, setting her off. Hampton screamed, “B**ch, you’re stupid. You are insecure… Tell the whole ATL why you’re not talking to me? ’Cause I’m Kenya’s friend?”

Nene Leakes later blog about the episode. Below is a quote.

It's pretty low of Nene to continue to bring up Marlo Hampton's criminal history. When Nene Leakes had her arrest record expunged. Nene is such a hypocrite.

Nene was allegedly charged with theft 3 times. Under different last names. One of Nene family members will be spilling tea soon. So i will hold off on other details. Nene's husband Greg Leakes has also been arrested numerous times (for writing bad checks, shoplifting, and receiving stolen property in 2002, Gwinett County). Update: Greg was also charged with felony assault. Click here to view.


Anonymous said...

Whatever her arrest was for, I doubt it was as serious as slicing and dicing another womans face.

team rich said...

Oh dam. How did you get those records?

Mandy said...

Why are you holding details?

backfencechat said...

Someone is writing a book and it will all be exposed. Although Nene crriminal records were sealed. The person was still able to retrieve it. Be patient.

Kile said...

I knew a person as judgemental as Nene had a bunch of skeletons. Greg Leakes is just like Apollo a career criminal.

BravoJunky said...

I'm happy you found time to blog again BFC. Love when you blog.

Anonymous said...

All of Greg Leakes charges.

Party Case Number Case Category
leakes, greg. 08-M-30200. winwood properties llc vs leakes. dispossessory.
leakes, gregg. 05-M-25427. lim vs heslip. dispossessory.
leakes, gregg. 05-M-25428. kim vs davis. dispossessory.
leakes, gregg. 05-M-25429. lee vs baldwin. dispossessory.
leakes, gregg. 07-M-19727. winwood properties vs leakes. dispossessory.
leakes, gregg. 07-M-24661. nelson vs cannon. small claims general civil.
leakes, gregg. 09-M-19659. kajoqbola vs advantage move llc. small claims general civil.
leakes, gregory. 04-M-34110. hwang vs conley. dispossessory.
leakes, gregory. 08-M-22010. page vs leakes. small claims general civil.
leakes, gregory l. 04-A-07118-4. leakes vs leakes. child sup recovery contempt.
leakes, gregory leon. 02-B-00590-6. state vs leakes. .
leakes, gregory leon. 02W-06072. state vs leakes. regular warrants.
leakes, gregory leon. 02W-14867. state vs leakes. regular warrants.
leakes, gregory leon. 02W-14868. state vs leakes. regular warrants.
leakes, gregory leon. 96-A-03699-4. leakes vs leakes. divorce.
leakes, gregory leon. 99-A-00030-4. longmire vs leakes. modification-other.
leakes, gregory leon. 99-A-07482-4. leakes vs leakes. modification-other.

Mom2Be said...

Greg leakes plead guilty to theft writing checks. Greg got 12 months probation.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff

Dixie Aguilar said...

In 1994 she weighed 120 lbs? as tall as she is? wow was she starving?

Anonymous said...

now on really like her because she thought the she was to much.

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