Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Camille Grammer Political Campaign To Stay Relevant As A Bravo Housewife

Last week Camille Grammer begin her political campaign to be re elected as a Beverly Hills Housewife. Camille feeling offended & entitled. Decided to reveal to the press that Bravo was holding casting calls & scouting new Beverly Hills Housewives ( Hollywood 101 manipulate the press corps). Which  automatically sent her supporters into overdrive campaigning, tweeting, emailing, blogging and stalking Bravo to keep Camille Grammer relevant on the show.

What really upset Camille, was that Bravo had allegedly been in contact with Kyle Richards, Lisa Vanderpump, and Adrienne Maloof. Bravo had yet to contact Camille according to her own words
 "I guess they decided who they wanted and I guess they are going to start casting, looking for new housewives,” she continues. “They told me they were going to start looking, so it wasn't behind my back. They were like, 'Sorry we are doing a big casting call.' I was like, 'Thanks." 
The situation she describes sounds very similar to the one that went down with the New York City cast last year. The women were told they were still on hold until further notice while casting went on for new wives. Offers later went out to some of the old wives & in came some new wives.

Camille approach is clever because Jill, Kelly, and Alex denied denied, until Bravo finally announced that they were fired. Fans were never given the time or opportunity to protest. Well Camille Grammer is not taking any chances. She saw the writing on the wall & rallied her supporters. The campaign to get Camille Grammer a third term as a Beverly Hills housewife is in full swing. Election season is in the air!

That was Kelsey Grammer's parting gift to Camille and she should be allowed to keep it (lol). I personally don't care if she stays or go. She's done nothing on the show that I can't live without. There are more serious issues in today's society.


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