Saturday, March 3, 2012

Did Bravo TV Sabotage Lisa Vanderpump Spinoff Out Of Fear She Would Leave The Housewives !?

Although Real Housewife Of Beverly Hills Lisa Vanderpump shot a pilot for a spinoff show, Bravo has passed on it. Sources say it has nothing to do with the pilot not having interesting footage or Lisa's ability to bring in viewer ratings. The Housewives franchise is Bravo's soon to be billion-dollar baby, and they are protecting the best interest of it.  Allowing Lisa Vanderpump to have a spinoff would not be in their best interest.

Lisa having a spinoff would allow her to leave the housewives and possibly Bravo.  Lisa Vanderpump has become the breakout star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Her unique mix of sparkling glamour and down-to-earth style has appealed to thousands of viewers. On the show, viewers can see her hosting dinner parties, tea parties, and running her popular Beverly Hills restaurant Villa Blanca.The flamboyant British beauty has become a staple on The Housewives Of Beverly Hills and is not a replaceable character. Having a spinoff show would boost her brand and possibly lead to TV and film. This would be great for Lisa but bad for Bravo. 

Bravo is facing a similar scenario with Bethenny Frankel. According to the New York Post Bethenny is ready to walk away from reality TV. The reality star has been telling family and friends if her test talk show gets picked up in the summer. She won't be returning to reality TV. 

Update: Lisa Vanderpump's show is back on again! Read more here. I think this post changed Bravo's mind. Sike!

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