Sunday, March 4, 2012

Joe Giudice Is A Slumlord Leaves Five Families Homeless

Yesterday news broke that Joe Giudice failed to pay a massive electricity bill.  According to ABC News Joe did not pay his rental property $51, 000 past due bill.

ABC News is now reporting that fire officials forced tenants out of their homes because of safety precautions. An "Unsafe for Human Occupancy" sign hangs on the door of the building and five families are now homeless. Many of the tenants spoke to ABC News, explaining that they were forced to sleep on the floor and have no where to go.

Joe Giudice is not taking responsibility for not paying the bill. "There is nothing I can do," said Giudice in a voicemail message to ABC News. "I don't own the building okay, I basically manage the building for a company in New York, they technically own the building." Well, ABC News managed to do some digging and it turns out that Joe is indeed the owner of the property. 

Yes Joe there is something you can do. Pay your bills. Especially when it affect other people lives.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing Joe Giudice does shocks me. While he's nice and comfy those people are sleeping on the floor. Tacky.

Bravo Tina said...

I'm happy you kept Teresa name out of it. Joe is a grown ass man.

Anonymous said...

Joe is so messy. Teresa works hard. Joe is always making Tre look bad.

Sammi said...

Poor Tre. Her husband is heavy baggage.

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