Friday, January 20, 2012

Sheree Whitfield Fired Her Hair Stylist Lawerence Washington After Her Hair Fell Out

Word on the Atlanta streets is Sheree has fired her long time hair stylist, Lawrence Washington. Lawrence allegedly did not properly care for Sheree's natural hair below the weave, causing her hair beneath to break off, thin out, & fall out! 

Sheree is rumored to have been in tears upon discovering she was bald her real hair was damaged. Weave is no longer merely a fashion accessory but now a necessity for Sheree! 

Update: Sheree and Lawrence has unfollowed each other on twitter. Lawrence is now using Marlo Hampton to stay relevant bff with Marlo. 


Anonymous said...

Stress will cause you to lose hair weight and etc. I knew her relatifonship with him was not going to last, because he start making music and etc so jealous head popped out again. She really need to learn what friends ships is about. To much time haten on nenee and standing by a whore and woman that take children fathers and women husband .

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